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Panorama_the Sound of Film is an audio production & post-production studio specialized in sound for feature films, documentaries and other media such as TV, trailers, radio ads, apps, etc. The studio provides Sound Design, Foley, Mix, Location Sound Recording, Sound Editing, Dialogue Editing & ADR, Music production & recording.

SFX design and Field Recordings are other services that are provided by a team of experienced engineers, designers and sound technicians.



Crafted, recorded and edited by the best in-class tools and meticusly curated by our gifted crew.



Every project we work on is unique. We always strive to provide imaginative and inventive ways to create our sounds.



Our team members have different backgrounds and this is a key for being flexible and creative at the same time.


Team work

Everything we do, from the shortest recording to the largest masterplan, is a team effort.


A showcase of our works

“The Great Fire of Salonica: Birth of a City” (2017)

Category: Documentary What we did: Voice-over recording Directed by: Gregory Vardarinos Produced by: “le plus petit chef” in co-production with “Cosmote TV” Synopsis: “The Great Fire of Salonica: Birth of a City” is a 62 min. documentary recounting the experiences of people during the destruction of the city in 1917 in Northern Greece. On Saturday, 18 August 1917 Salonica…

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“Phalaenopsis Alba” (2018)

Category: Short Film Directed by: Yeorgia M. Sotirhou Produced by: Dimitris Koutsomitsos & Yeorgia M. Sotirhou What we did: Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Foley, Music Recording Synopsis: Everything in Katerina’s life seems in order. However, she’s feeling deeply lonely and she’s looking for a solution following a rather unusual way. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9070438 https://vimeo.com/292881029 Crew- Services: Sound Design/…

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“1968”- Directed by Tassos Boulmetis (2018)

Category: Drama Film/ History What we did: Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Foley, ADR Synopsis: A well-known Greek basketball team, AEK, which was founded in 1924 by refugees from Constantinople, beats Slavia Prague in Athens and wins the European Cup in 1968. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7675404/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2 Crew- Services: Sound Design: Enes Ahmet Kehaya Dialogue Editing: Enes Ahmet Kehaya Field Recording:…

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“Sujet Libre” – Free Subject (2018)

Category: Feature Film What we did: Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Foley. A film by Stella Theodorakis produced by Fantasia LTD co-produced Arizona Productions and the support of GFC/ CNC/ ERT TV/ Eurimages. Synopsis: Iris, a teacher in her early forties who works at a Fine Arts School, assigns to her students an exercise on a Free…

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“Katafigio II”, the Ice Path

Category: Feature Horror Film What we did: Location Sound, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Foley & Music Producing, Recording & Mixing. Synopsis: The Refuge… It stands in the heart of the forest for years now. Local people say that there is something dark hidden there. They tell stories. About a strange presence. About strange deaths. They also…

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How we can be useful for you

Sound Design and Editing

Producing great quality sounds for mixing, implementation and processing.


Reproducing everyday sound effects that are added to film, video and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality.

Location Sound Recording

Recording all sounds on set during the filmaking, tv production, etc, for later inclusion in the finished product.


Re-recording dialogue by the original actor after the filming process to improve audio quality.

Music Production and Recording

Creating sound tracks for a variety of needs.

Dialogue Editing

Assembling, synchronizing, and editing dialogue.

Other Services:

- SFX design

- Field Recordings

- Recording

Our Team

Highly qualified specialists

Christos A. Goussios

Head of Sound

Enes Achmet Kechagia

Sound Editor & Recordist

Mykhailo Stadniichuk

Sound Designer & Location Recordist

Dafni Psarra

Foley Actress


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