Project #1

Category: Documentary

What we did: Voice-over recording

Directed by: Gregory Vardarinos

Produced by: “le plus petit chef” in co-production with “Cosmote TV”

Crew- Services

Voice over Recording:
Christos Goussios


Audience Award, 4th International Documentary Film Festival of Peloponnese Honorary Distinction, Docfest, Chalkida Greek Documentary Festival


“The Great Fire of Salonica: Birth of a City” is a 62 min. documentary recounting the experiences of people during the destruction of the city in 1917 in Northern Greece. On Saturday, 18 August 1917 Salonica faces the most destructive fire in its history. It destroys 3/4 of the city center, burns down more than 8 thousand buildings, leaves around 74 thousand people homeless, and accounts for 8 million GBP in damages. On top of the ashes, a new city is born. The multi-racial, multi-religious and multilingual Balkan metropolis (where Ottomans, Jews and Christians lived together with more than 300,000 soldiers of the Entente multinational Army at the time of the fire) is redesigned by the decision of the Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos and his government. Based on Ernest Hébrard’s plan, it is rebuilt from scratch to assume the urban design it has today. The fire’s impact on social, political and economic levels is a decisive turn in city’s history.

Bartzoulianou Anastasia