Our studio provides all the services regarding recording and processing of audio: sound design, foley, mixing, location sound, dialogue editing, voice recording, ADR and music services for all audiovisual productions, as well as recording, mixing, mastering, orchestration and production services for music.

Sound Design

Sculpting the invisible: creation of the sonic universe of audiovisual narratives. Feature films, documentaries, theatrical plays, radio, podcasts, VR, games etc.


The illusion of reality: recreating everyday sounds and more in the most appropriate cinematic way

Dialogue editing

The secret and unknown, though magical pursuit/labor of weaving the most important of the elements: dialogue

Location sound

Struggle for treasure: production sound is considered a treasure for Panorama; regardless of our involvement in post-production procedures.

Re – recording mixing

Seeking & locating the overall tone of each audiovisual narrative, balancing sounds, and creating the unique identity of the ambience of the film/narrative.

Music recording, mixing & mastering

Music: The most praised member of the sonic family. Production, recording, mixing and mastering of music are our beloved services.

Film music scoring

A cherished aspect of our studio work. Experienced composers with different musical orientations can satisfy the musical needs of every audiovisual narrative.

ADR – Voice over recording

Recording the voice with every possible way to have the appropriate result for each application. With our transparent and invisible ways…