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What we did: Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Foley.

A film by Stella Theodorakis produced by Fantasia LTD co-produced Arizona Productions and the support of GFC/ CNC/ ERT TV/ Eurimages.

Iris, a teacher in her early forties who works at a Fine Arts School, assigns to her students an exercise on a Free Subject. It is a time when social behaviours and values are being called into question. The 20-year-old students are thrilled at the idea of being free to choose their own subjects. They create an “imagination factory” that has no limits. After finding Iris’s lost cell phone, provocative Yorgos, bases his Free Subject on his fictitious recreation of his teacher’s life. Free Subject deals with the limits of individual freedom in contemporary Western societies.


Crew- Services

Sound Design:
Christos Goussios

Assistant Sound Designer:
Enes Achmet Kechagia

Dialogue Editing:
Kostas Varypompiotis, Enes Achmet Kechagia

Foley Acting, Recording & Editing:
Enes Achmet Kechagia, Mykhailo Stadniichuk


Festival: 59th Thessaloniki Film Festival, 1-11 November 2018

http://www.filmfestival.gr/el/professionals/media-press/26700-to-elliniko-sinema- sto-59o-festival?fbclid=IwAR0FqZvdIR21NHmnttUA4n75dgLhsZqtKKP- C6uC8vlVEUQfjlB8RLlPcG0[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]